The Owners of Tildie's Toy Box, Michelle and Paul Gillen-Doobrajh, are a husband and wife team. They met on their first day of college, at the University of Pennsylvania, and have been together ever since! Michelle and Paul have two daughters, who can be seen strolling around East Passyunk Avenue, playing at Columbus park, and throwing pennies into the Singing Fountain.

Michelle has a background in architecture, pastry and culinary arts. Since the birth of her first child, she has been dedicated to caring for her daughters. She has made it her goal to have her daughters play with gender neutral, basic, and open-ended toys. Michelle is now excited to share her love for children and play with others and to make Tildie's Toy Box a fun and inviting place for the community to enjoy.

Paul has a background in technology and business. He has built his technology career developing custom software, and later becoming a Team Leader. After the birth of his children, Paul has been devoted to engaging his daughters in play every evening, after work, and on weekends. He has been amazed at how hands on play has shaped both of his daughters' development. He is excited to help bring Tildie's Toy Box to the Philadelphia community.